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New build homes and renovations

The beauty of a new built home is being able to “put your stamp” on the building.  Technology in the home can often be left as an after thought which is a big mistake.

We offer FREE advice and will work with you from beginning to end. Get our professional advice early into the project.

No matter who you are now reading this an architect, builder, electrician or the owner of the home our services are beneficial to you.

The Future proof “Smart home”

What is a smart home?

Technology is part of our everyday lives and if done well can make our lives simpler. Here are some examples of technology you may not want to over look when building a new home.

  • CCTV

    Allows you to see who is at the front door, what the kids are doing in the garden and a piece of mind that you can see your home on your smart phone all around the world.

  • Multi Room Audio

    Listen to the radio, your CD and MP3 collection and internet streaming services such as spotify in every room . Listen to music simultaneously or independently around the home great for relaxing or entertaining guests.

  • Bespoke TV installations and Home Cinema`s

    A dedicated cinema room for all the family to enjoy. Also TV wall mounting with cables hidden out of site.

  • Movie Server Systems

    No Need for discs. Access all your library of movies in every room with out having to put in a disc.

  • Lighting Control

    Save energy and change the mood for every scene. We will work closely with your electrician to make sure you have a great lighting experience.

  • Home Automation

    The really cool bit! Control your Blinds, TV, lights, well pretty much everything with the touch of a button.

  • Data Network

    We can make sure that you get the best possible connection for your internet throughout your home.

  • SKY, Virgin, radio & Freeview

    These could be considered the essentials but surprisingly they are often overlooked. We can make your aerial and satellite work seamlessly together through a distribution system.


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